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Data Integration Specialist: 02
Primary Role of Position:

  • Has basic knowledge of IT and has characteristics & skills that match the Company's qualifications required for mapper position.
  • Data Integration Specialistworks on data format definitions of messages (using mapping tools if necessary) to map data fields from this format to another one based on message specifications released from the Company or from various organizations/enterprises, playing an important role of the whole process of data interchange/conversion and integration.
  • This kind of job ensures Company products and services working properly and effectively for customers.


  • Read and analyze message specifications, look for illogical/unreasonable details of them.
  • Build/update/fix data maps correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Review data maps made by other mappers.
  • Check if converted messages correct and compliant with the specifications when required.
  • Work with Team Lead, Dept. Heads, and Project Managers when necessary, supporting customers in data conversion field with best quality and bring total satisfaction to customers.


  • Suggest modifying illogical/unreasonable details of message specifications.
  • Access to the resources permitted by Company to be updated on latest technology, technical knowledge, business domain knowledge, etc.
    • Note: has to sign and follow the NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) in order to access to project’s artifacts.


  • General requirements:
  • Not necessary to have experience in data mapping
  • Strong logical thinking
  • Good ability of data analysis
  • Good at English speaking and writing skills
  • Ability to collaborate effectively across departments and teams
  • Skillful at using computer and regular software (Windows, Office)
  • Education/Training Preferred:
    • IT technician OR College Degree or higher in any field of study
    • B-Level certificate of English or higher

Contact Info.:

  • 139 Pasteur St., Ward 6, Dist 3, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Tel: +84 8 3547-3000 (ext. 2001)
  • Cell: +84 0122 913 9737
  • Deadline: 30/9/2017
  • Website: www.dicentral.com