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Hướng nghiệp, Thực tập & Việc làm
Features of the MT Program
One year program
  • Structured training curriculum in specific business, management, operations and personal development areas
  • Mentorship from Senior Management for professional and personal career guidance
  • Exposure to every aspect of the business
  • Opportunity to demonstrates potential and capability by undertaking or supporting various projects
  • Career advancement opportunity
Desired Attributes
  • Enthusiastic and committed to a long term career at Expeditors
  • Possess a “can do” attitude
  • Good interpersonal skills and people oriented
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively through oral and written English
  • Good team player with leadership qualities
  • Have courage to face new challenges
  • Process-oriented with good analytical skills
  • Willingness to be relocated to another country when required is an advantage
  • Ready to begin program in August 2017
How to Apply:
  • Submit your CV and a 750 word essay on “Why  are you the right candidate for the Management Trainee program at Expeditors?” via email to Ms. Nga Vo (nga.vo@expeditors.com) & Ms. Florence Siow (florence.siow@expeditors.com) by the 22th June 2017.
  • Successful Individuals in the MT program will spend a year learning the fundamental aspects of what works to make Expeditors the global leader in logistics and supply chain management. Through the program, MTs gain critical on-the-job experience while learning basic management and organizational skills. 
  • Upon successful completion of the year long program, candidates are typically offered a supervisory position at a district.