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Hướng nghiệp, Thực tập & Việc làm

JOB  AD  POST  TITLE:   We’re seeking a  “Client Representative Intern”



  • To  document client design briefings,  understand them in the context of the current or proposed Brand Personality essence and current market situation, and assist in translating them into briefs which motivate both the client and our own red team to develop outstanding design
  • To act as a client representative through the design process ensuring that the solutions we develop meet client needs in surprising and powerful ways to add impact to brands.
  • To assist in managing client expectations of timing to ensure that Projects are delivered at highest quality levels, on time and on budget, while achieving the expected profit for the company.


  • English: Fluent in both speaking & writing
  • High levels of communication: literacy, umeric & verbal.
  • Teamwork skills.

If you're interested in joining the red team, use this form  (LINK TO HERE)