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Dept.: Operation Control Center

Location: 03rd Floor building, Tân Sơn Nhất Airport, Hồ Chí Minh city, Viet Nam

Position summary:

  • To provide Jetstar Pacific & Operating Captains with the necessary fuel flight plan computations, Air Traffic Control Clearances and comprehensive briefing on the latest vailable meteorological forecasts and operating conditions relevant to the flight
  • To ensure sufficient fuel is planned to be uplifted onto the aircraft to ensure safety, efficient & economically optimized flight operations in accordance with company policy.
  • To ensure ad hoc schedules meet all requirements for pax, tech, crew, airports.
  • To ensure long term & short term or ad hoc’s schedule get slot & schedule approval by airport authorities and Civil Aviations.
  • To ensure published schedules are up to date accurate and promptly.
  • To comply with the Corporate Occupational Health & Safety Responsibilities Standards
  • Comply with safety in the workplace, comply with Corporate Occupational


  • Analyse forecast meteorology conditions at the departure & intended destination to determine aircraft take-off & landing limitations
  • Dispatch the aircraft on the correct routing, ensuring all navigational rules & operational requirements are met
  • Provide a comprehensive flight briefing as required to operating Captains on all aeronautical information
  • Provide pre-fuel & total fuel orders to Engineering
  • Provide Load Control with fuel & aircraft regulated takeoff weight limitation required for weight & balance sheets
  • Computes in accordance with JP policies & aircraft performance data, preflight fuel requirements for each sector flight to enable operating Captains to ensure fuel ordered complies with Company & Regulatory authorities minimum operating requirements
  • Files the ATS flight plan in the required format plus any notifications of subsequent changes/cancellations to all enroute ATC authorities
  • Other duties as instructed by Management
  • Pre-flight fuel requirements
  • Analysis of meteorological conditions
  • Cancellations & notifications to ATC
  • Contact to Airport Authority all flights (schedule & Non schedule)
  • Departure/ Landing/ Overflight permits & alternate airports for adhoc schedule or additional flights and long term schedule.
  • For adhoc schedule, dispatchers have to analysic pax figures, airport limits, crew, and ability of aircrafts to meet their requirements.

Working Relationships:

  • Maintenance Control Centre
  • Space Control
  • Airports
  • CAAV
  • ATC
  • Duty Captain           

Personal specifications:

  • The ability to handle multiple tasks
  • The ability to work within strictly defined deadlines
  • Able to work effectively under supervision
  • Proactive and cooperative attitude
  • Sound prioritizing and time management skills
  • Proven problem solving skills
  • Prepared to work in a strong team environment
  • Strong analytical skills

Other Requirements:

  • University degree, major in avaiation is preferred
  • English:Good verbal and written communication skill (Vietnamese / English)
  • Male only


  • Cover letter (in English)
  • Curriculum Vitae (in English)
  • Copy of ID card/Passport and other related Degrees/Certificates

Contact: Interested candidates are invited to send their applications to: recruitment@jetstarpacific.com.vn